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Fifth Harmony


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fame changed ally and camilaimage

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goddesses 😍 i love these girls, i love it πŸ’„πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘Œ #fifthharmony #harmonizer


Cause we on top of the world β™«


It does seem long, but the transformation from June 2014 to August 2014. I am so much more comfortable around these girls now. First time meeting them I was such nervous, now after meeting them several times and having personal conversations with them it is so easy to talk to them. Love these girls and so excited for their future and new album. See y’all on Halloween! @fifthharmony @dinahjane97 @camila_cabello @normanikordei @allybrookeofficial @laurenjauregui #fifthharmony #laurenjauregui #camilacabello #normanikordei #allybrooke #5h

Harmonizers!!!! Our debut album #Reflection is coming out December 2014! December has played a major part in 5H history.. December 2012 we finished 3rd on The X Factor, which changed our lives forever. December 2013 we did our first holiday radio tour, which included playing at Madison Square Garden. So putting our debut album out in December 2014 just felt right.